Earl Joseph Guyer, Jr.


Earl and Judy Guyer - 2017
I joined the US Air Force right out of high school, learned electronics and went to Columbus Ohio (Lockbourne AF base) for a year and a half where I met my wife. We married in December of 1966 and this December will be 53 years of wedded bliss.

Immediately after getting married I went to Thailand where I worked on F4 Phantom fighter jets. I was back in the US for 10 days when the North Koreans took the spy ship Pueblo and I spent the next 5 months in South Korea. My new wife was not happy to say the least but here we still are almost 53 years later.

After the AF we moved back to Ohio where she and I both attended THE Ohio State University. I spent the rest of my career in the computer industry. During that time I worked for some big names in the industry including Digital Equipment Corporation (now gone) and Microsoft. I taught computer and networking classes at Southern Methodist University for 7 years.

We have a son and a daughter born in 1978 and 1983 respectively and just had our first grandchild December of 2017.

While working for DEC I spent 11 years in New Hampshire where we spent every winter with boards on our feet (skis) as much as possible. We moved to Plano, TX the end of 1990 and retired in 2012. Since then we have travelled as much as we could and try to make at least two trips to Europe each year.

My hobbies were flying and woodworking. I hold a commercial pilots license and was a flight instructor for 6 years. I no long fly but I do spend a lot of time in my wood shop making whatever my wife tells me to make and things for my new granddaughter.