Herb's Virtual Garage

When I look back on my life, the one constant interest and passion from my earliest memory has been the love of cars and trucks. Coupes, sedans, convertibles, station wagons, pickups, tractor-trailers....  Whatever you drive I want to see it, study it, and learn what makes it unique and different.

I didn't pursue the kind of career which would let me own all of the cars which have struck a chord in me, so I decided to build a "virtual garage" to showcase various manufacturers and vehicles which form part of the fabric of automotive history. My initial focus has been on obsolete makes (AMC/Nash/Hudson, and Studebaker) and on contemporary icons such as Corvette and Mustang. There are other pages I have done, too, just because I like the cars and wanted to do something to preserve their memory. Please feel free to explore my virtual garage and send some feedback to me if you have any comments. The e-mail link is at the bottom of every page.

The pictures I will use here will be from whatever source I can find. My first choice would usually be factory photographs because they're professionally posed, and often with muted or blank backgrounds. The car really stands out when there are no distracting trees, or people, or other cars. But, when factory photographs are not available I'll use whatever I can. Sometimes photographs from auctions and 'cars for sale' advertisements work well because owners/sellers will try to photograph their vehicle well to make it appealing to potential buyers, and once in a while I find some really good photographs this way.

Failing to find really good pictures, I'll use what I can.  After all, my virtual garage has to have cars in it!

Other Websites

There are hundreds and hundreds of web sites that are focused on cars and trucks and everything automotive. Here are links to some sites which I have found to be very interesting, and have much to offer the automotive enthuasist.

I have freely sourced the photographs and illustrations used in Herb's Virtual Garage from various other sites on the internet, and they are not my work.  If the appearance of any image on these pages violates anyone's rights or sensibilities, let me know and I will remedy the problem straight away.

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