Opel GT
1968 to 1973

The Opel GT was first seen publicly at the 1965 Frankfurt Motor Show. The shape of the new, two-seat sports car was a complete surprise, eschewing current, boxy European design for the new, US-inspired "coke-bottle" profile.

Production of the new car began in September 1968, and automotive enthusiasts would see a remarkably similar appearance of the new Opel GT to the 3rd-generation Chevrolet Corvette which had began production a year earlier.  The styling cues on both cars included a low, pointed-V front-end with pop-up headlights, creased and flared front fenders, the hint of a narrow waist in the area of the doors, and distinctly arched rear fenders which ended abruptly at the flat tail end which sported left and right bumper sections and twin tail lights.  On both cars, the hood hinged at the front and there was no trunk lid.  For visual comparason, here are pictures of the Opel GT and a '68 Corvette.

Don't misunderstand: I'm not sayin' they were identical, and it's obvious the Opel GT was not a Corvette clone, but it is readily apparent there had to be some colaboration of the design studios because it's just too close to be coincidental.  Here's an interesting article on this subject.

Opel GT bodies were produced by French manufacturers 'Chausson' and 'Brissoneau & Lotz,' with final assembly in Bochum, Germany.  There were initially 2 models, the GT 1100 (60ps) and GT 1900 (90ps). (ps= DIN horse power).  The initial price was DM 10780 (about $2,695 US).

In 1969, a targa style model 'Aero-GT' was shown at the IAA in Frankfurt, but not put into production.  A few Aero prototypes remain today and are sometimes shown by Opel at German classic events.  This picture shows a lovely young lady holding the removable roof section of an Aero GT.  Notice the fender-mounted mirrors which were unique to the Aero prototypes.

The next picture is a family portrait, of sorts.

  • The blue car on the left is an Aero GT with the roof off.  It is plain to see additional influence of the '68 Corvette in the roof lines of the Aero GT.
  • The red car in the middle is a 'standard' Opel GT coupe.
  • The orangy-tan car on the right has many design differences from the red car, and gives the appearance it might have been a prototype of what was proposed for the 2nd generation Opel GT.

Production ended in August 1973, with a total run of 102,463 cars.

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