The name, Edsel, was given to Henry Ford's only child. Edsel went on to become president of Ford Motor Company, but he died in 1943, four years before his father died, so he never really got to run it 'on his own.' When the company wanted to introduce a new model in the late '50s, they chose the name Edsel for the car. Unfortunately, the car was not warmly received, and Ford ended production of it in the third year (1958-1960).

The Edsel models were basically reskinned corresponding Ford cars of the same year, with polarizing styling, and you either loved them or hated them. At the front of the car, the grille had a prominent vertical section which people promptly dubbed the "horse collar." (Seems appropriate.)

That feature continued for 1959 and was significantly changed for 1960, but the 1960 cars were even weider - especially in the rear. And you were paying more for a Ford. I suppose failure was inevitable.

The following pictures are front and rear views of the Edsel cars of the three years of production. Not all models are included, so the pictures are indended to be representative of all models.



(Sharp eyes will see the rear of a black 1960 Edsel in front of the featured car in this photo.)

This link takes you to a page for a beautifully restored 1959 Edsel Corsair SkyCruiser retractable hardtop.