Ancestry of Herbert Hilliard Klug - Page 3

Herb's Maternal Grandparents (VanWagner & Robb)

Harry W. VanWagner and Eva Louise Robb were married on Octomber 14, 1899. The exact location is unknown, but is assumed to be in Brooklyn or Queens County, NY.

The names of Harry's parents are unknown.

The name of Eva's father was William George Robb: the name of her mother is unknown.

Harry and Eva had four daughters between 1901 and 1914. To the best of my knowledge, Eva died as a result of complications of a fifth pregnancy c. 1916. The oldest daughter (also named Eva) was 15 years old at the time and took on the role of mother to the other sisters. After the 1910 census was taken the family moved to Glen Cove, Long Island for a number of years, but they moved back to Brooklyn, NY prior to the 1930 census. Harry lived in Brooklyn until he died in the early 1950's.

The burial site(s) for Harry and Eva are unknown.

Their children...
Eva Robb VanWagner, March 4, 1901 April 5, 1989.
Eva never married.
Eva is buried in the Wallkill Rural Cemetery, Walden, NY.
Harriet VanWagner, September 7, 1902 November 8, 1972.
Harriet married Lloyd Henry Burrows (October 20, 1903 November 23, 1971) on October 10, 1928 in Brooklyn, NY.
They had no children.
Lloyd and Harriet are buried in the Wallkill Rural Cemetery, Walden, NY.
Louise Annie VanWagner, December 21, 1909 January 13, 1991.
Louise married Haywood Perry; date and location unknown.
They had no children.
The death date and burial place of Haywood Perry are unknown.
Louise is buried in the Wallkill Rural Cemetery, Walden, NY.
Julia Frances VanWagner, September 7, 1914 January 5, 1975.
Julia married Herman Hilliard Klug on May 29, 1938, in Brooklyn, NY.
They had three children, Robb, Richard, and Herbert (your humble webmaster).
Julia is buried in the Wallkill Rural Cemetery, Walden, NY.

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