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Leslie's Great Grandparents (Nay & Young)

John Nay was born in Dundee, Scotland.

Jemima Young was born in Dundee, Scotland.

John and Jemima were married in Dundee and had at least one child, James Young Nay on November 21, 1895. Jemima passed away soon after that (before year's end). Just four years later, John passed away (1899). James was raised by a paternal aunt.

Leslie's Great Grandparents (McIntosh & Hume)

John McIntosh was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and lived his life in that land.

Annie Hume was born on August 3, 1861 in Dundee Scotland.

John and Annie married and had nine children, six of whom survived to adulthood.

Their children...
Jean McIntosh
John McIntosh
William Will McIntosh
Annie McIntosh
Albert Bert McIntosh
Mary McIntosh, born on April 4, 1899 in Dundee, Scotland.
Edith McIntosh

John died in Scotland, c.1916.

Annie (Hume) McIntosh died in Miami Florida in February, 1966.

Leslie's Grandparents (Nay & Mcintosh)

James Young Nay and Mary McIntosh were married in Dundee, Scotland and emigrated to the US in the early 1920's. They had their only child, Annie Hume Nay, in 1925, in Lyndhurst, NJ.

James died in Southampton, L.I. in 1973.

After James' death, Mary married Otto Kesselbach, c.1980.

Otto died in Riverhead, NY in February, 1992.

Mary died in Riverhead, NY in February, 1993.

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