Ancestry of Leslie Joan Klug - Page 1

Leslie's Great Grandparents (Klug & Klaus)

Frank Lewis Klug was born 1859 in Syracuse, NY.

Bertha Klaus was born about 1865 in a town on Long Island that was called Central Park, but is now called Bethpage.

Frank and Bertha were married on ___ in ___.

Frank died in 1919 and is buried in ???.

Bertha died in 1937 and is buried in ???.

Their children...
Frances Klug
Francis Gottleib Klug 1900-1954

Leslie's Grandparents (Klug & Williams)

Francis Gottleib Klug was born on July 7, 1900 in Wantaugh, NY, the son of Frank Lewis and Bertha (Klaus) Klug.

Edna Lillian Williams was born on August 6, 1897 in Brooklyn, NY, the daughter of Edwin and Lillian (Snyder) Williams.

Frank died on July 12, 1954 and is buried in Pinelawn Cemetery, ???, NY.

Edna died on October 14, 1975 and is also buried in Pinelawn Cemetery, ???, NY.

Their children...
Roger Frank Edgar Fletcher Klug 1922-1989
Ralph Klug 1930-
Alan Leo Klug 1940-

Leslie's Parents (Klug & Nay)

Roger Frank Edgar Fletcher Klug was born October 25, 1922 in Wantaugh, NY, the son of Francis Gottleib and Edna Lillian (Williams) Klug.

My father has a lot of names. Frank was for his father, Edgar was for his maternal Uncle Eddie, and Fletcher is there because the doctor signed his name on the wrong line on the birth certificate!

Annie Hume Nay was born on April 27, 1925 in Lyndhurst, NJ, the daughter of James Young Nay and Mary (McIntosh) Nay.

Roger and Annie were married on November 9, 1946 in Lyndhurst, NJ. Around 1950 the family moved to Long Island.

Roger died on September 18, 1989 and is buried in Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, NY.

Their children...
Barbara Anne Klug
Leslie Joan Klug

At one point in time, this page continued with a lot of information about Leslie and her family, but in recognition of the current climate of idendity theft that information has been removed.

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