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Herb's Great Grandparents (Klug & Oster)

Otto Herman Klug was born on April 28, 1865 as Otto Herman Kluge in Kirchberg in Saxony (Germany). Otto emigrated from Germany C1884 1888, settling in Manhattan, New Youk City.

Margaret Oster was born on February 7, 1868 in New York City.

Otto and Margaret were married on October 28, 1888 in New York City.
(note: Otto dropped the 'e' from his Kluge surname prior to his marriage to Margaret.)

Their children...
Henry Lugwig Klug 1889-19xx
Herman Otto Klug 1891-1963
Lydia Henrietta Klug (married to Fred Lumpp) 1895-1977

Margaret died in 1942 and is buried in Kew Gardens Cemetery, Queens, NY6.

Otto died in 1950 and is also buried in Kew Gardens Cemetery, Queens, NY.

Herb's Grandparents (Klug & Fox)

Herman Otto Klug was born August 28, 1891 in New York City, the son of Otto Herman Klug and Margaret Henrietta Oster. Herman lived in New York City through high school, and then went to college at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, PA.

Lulu Elizabeth Fox was born on January 12, 1891 in Chester, PA, the daughter of William Henry Fox and Beatrice Gaggins.

Herman and Lulu met via church attendance while he was a student at Crozier Theological Seminary, and were married in Chester on November 12, 1912, and started their family there. That family start included my father, Herman Hilliard Klug, born in 1915. Around 1918, Herman and Lulu moved to Long Island, NY, and remained there until their retirement (c.1960).

Their children...
Elizabeth Betty Klug 1913-1947
Herman Hilliard Klug 1915-2003
Doris Beatrice Klug 1917-1997
Gordon Klug 1918-1918
Donald Wallace Klug 1919-1994
Curtis Klug 1927-1930

After retirement, Herman and Lulu moved to New Milford, NJ to live with their daughter, Doris.

Herman died on April 16, 1963 in New Milford and is buried in Kew Gardens Cemetery, Queens, NY.

Lulu died on October 1, 1967 in New Milford and is also buried in Kew Gardens Cemetery, Queens, NY.

Herb's Parents (Klug & VanWagner)

Herman Hilliard Klug was born October 4, 1915 in Chester, PA, the son of Herman Otto Klug and Lulu Elizabeth Fox. The family moved from Chester to Forest Hills, Long Island, c.1918. Because of the same first names of father and son, Herman Hilliard took on the nickname 'Hil' and has used it all his life. After high school, he attended college at Pratt Institute of Technology in New York City.

Julia Frances VanWagner was born on September 7, 1914 in Glen Cove, Long Island, the daughter of Harry W. Van Wagner and Eva Louise Robb. Julia attended the Juliard School Of Music in New York City.

Hil and Julia were married on May 29, 1938 at the Green Avenue Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. in 1939 they built a house in New Hyde Park and lived there for several years. During that time, my two brothers were born: Robb in 1939, and Richard in 1942.

Towards the end of WW2, my dad saw greener pastures for employment in the city of his birth, so the family moved to the Chester, PA area in 1944. Dad took a job at the Scott Paper Company soon after arriving in Chester, and from 1944 to 1950 the family lived on Brookhaven Road in Wallingford, Pa. I (Herbert) was born in 1946, so that was my first home.

in 1950, we moved to 22nd street in Chester, PA. Then, in 1952, we bought a small country house on a narrow blacktop road near a dot on the map called Concordville, PA. Right away, dad started to build an addition onto the house that more than doubled the original square footage! (It really was a small house!)

Their children...
Robb Fox Klug 1939-2004
Richard Russell Klug 1942-1970
Herbert Hilliard Klug not dead yet! ;-)

Hil and Julia separated and divorced in 1960. Julia moved to Walden, New York to be near her family. Hil stayed in the Concordville house and soon met Christina Nelson Firlein. They were married on July 15, 1961.

Hil retired from Scott Paper Company in 1976. Following his retirement, he and Chris moved to sunny Florida. Oh, what a life!

Julia died on January 5, 1975 and is buried in Wallkill Valley Cemetery, Walden, NY.

Hil died on March 9, 2003. he was cremated and his ashes were sprinkled in the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere East of St. Lucie County, Florida.

At one point in time, this page continued with a lot of information about me and my family, but in recognition of the current climate of idendity theft that information has been removed.

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