Herb & Leslie's Genealogy Overview

The family 'trees' shown below display the names of our ancestors back to our great grandparents. Click on a name and you'll see all the information we have for that individual.

Family Tree of Herbert Hilliard Klug
Otto Herman Klug Margaret Oster William Henry Fox, Sr. Beatrice Gaggins VanWagner unknown William George Robb unknown
Grandparents Herman Otto Klug Lulu Elizabeth Fox Harry W. VanWagner Eva Louise Robb
Parents Herman Hilliard Klug Julia Frances VanWagner

Family Tree of Leslie Joan Klug
Frank Lewis Klug Bertha Klaus Edwin Williams Lillian Snyder John Nay Jemima Young John McIntosh Annie Hume
Grandparents Frank Gottlieb Klug Lillian Williams James Young Nay Mary McIntosh
Parents Roger Frank Edgar Fletcher Klug Annie Hume Nay

One thing researchers must understand is Herb and Leslie both started life with the same last name (Klug), but they are not from the same tree. In fact, it appears our trees were not even in the same forest. Therefore, there are two Klug links: one for Herb and the other for Leslie.

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