Ancestry of Herbert Hilliard Klug - Page 2

Herb's Great Grandparents (Fox & Gaggins)

William Henry Fox was born October 4, 1861 in Chester, PA, the son of John W. Fox and Emma Elizabeth Carter.

Beatrice Gaggins was born in 1866 in Leeds, England, the daughter of Frank and Elizabeth Gaggins. The Gaggins family emigrated from England to the U.S. in 1869. My assumption is they entered at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I don't data to support that.

William and Beatrice were married in Chester on March 16, 1890, and lived there all their lives.

William Henry Fox took the title Sr. upon the birth of their first son, William Henry Fox, Jr., in 1892.

Beatrice died on July 1, 1945, and is buried in Chester Rural Cemetary.

William Sr. died on August 29, 1947 and is also buried in Chester Rural Cemetary.

Their children...
Lulu Elizabeth Fox 1891-1967
William Henry Fox, Jr. 1892-1964
Beatrice Fox 1895-1982
Frank Wickliffe Fox 1896-1950
John Wilson Fox 1899-1938
Rose Emma Fox 1900-1922
George Freeman Fox 1902-1968

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