Herb's Phunny Names

Have you ever met someone with a funny name? Maybe you even had to supress a laugh when you heard it!

(Imagine your reaction if you walked up to a bank teller and saw her name plate said Robin Hood!  I have had that experience!)

Sometime during the '90s, my friend and workmate, John Russell, and I decided to make a list of these kinds of names and we worked on it together through the '90s until I left Xerox in January 2000. In the years since then I've kept adding names while living and working in Florida. The list has continued to grow, and it is presented here. The only rules for placing a name on this list are...

  1. First names have to be "real" names (or initials, or titles) that one could expect to encounter in life, and
  2. Last names have to be actual names in a phone book (somewhere).
  3. The resulting name has to be funny to read.

For example, Rusty Wallace is a former driver in NASCAR's Winston Cup series, and Rick Carr is a fellow I knew while working at Xerox. Had fate intervened, today we could be cheering a racer named Rusty Carr on to victory!

So now, with no further adoo, I present Herb's Phunny Names!

A. Rich King
A. Rich Mann
Adam N. Eaves
Adam Eiser
Al B. Tross
Al Dente
Al Falfa
Al Fredo
Al Fresco
Al Gebra
Alex Anders
Ali Gator
Allison Wunder-Lande
Amber Jewell
Angel Hare
Ann A. Bell

Ann Arbor
Anna Graham
Anna Logge
Anna Tac
Anna Turney
Anne Driod
Anne Teak
Annette Gain
Annette Loss
Armand Hammer
Armand A. Legg
Art Gallery
Art Work
Artie Choake
April Showers
Auntie Dee Pressant
Barb Dwyer
Barbie Dahl
Barbie Q.
Barry M. Enema
Basil Plante
Bea Cupp
Bea Fair
Bea Fore
Bea Gross
Bea Long
Bea Smart
Bea A. King
Beau Vine
Belle Captain
Belle Ringer
Belle South
Belle Tower
Ben Dover
Ben Gay
Benny Factor

Bertha Babee
Beth Paige
Bill Board
Bill Dingh
Bill Fold
Bill Payed
Birch Wood
Bjorn Leader
Blanche White
Bob L. Head
Bob Sledd
Bob Tale
Bob White
Brad Naylor
Brandy Alexander
Brooke Trout
Buck Schott
Bud Jett
Bud Vase
Buzz Kutt

C. Food
Caesar Salad
Cal Sieum
Cal Q. Later
Candy Barr
Candy Kane
Candy Sweet
Carol Singer
Carol Uhr
Cash Money
Cassie O. Pia
Chastity Beltz
Chick Fryar
Chip Potts
Chip Schott
Chipper Iron
Chris Cross

Chris P. Bacon
Chris Stahl
Chuck King
Chuck Wagon
Claire Voyant
Clara Bell
Clara Nett
Clark Barr
Clay Potts
Cliff Diver
Cliff Dweller
Cora Spond
Court Jester
Crystal Ball
Crystal Glass
Crystal Waters
Curtis Nice
Cy Press
D. Klein
D.V. Ent
Dan Dee
Dan Singh
Dee Frost
Dee Lighter
Dee Pressant
Dee Soto
Dee Tale
Dee Taylor
Dee Vine
Delta Fawcett

Dick See
Dick Tate
Dino Saurus
Dolly Lama
Don Key
Dot Matrix
Doug Graves
Doug Wells
Douglas Fir
Dusty Lenz
Dusty Rhoades
E. Sturley
Earl E. Byrd
Earnest Lee
Eb Tide
Eddie Current
Eileen Dover
Eileen Wright
Ellie Ment
Ellie Vater
Emma Lee
Eva D. Struction
Eva Mae Tripp

Fannie Waddle
Fanny Pack
Flo Burns
Fonda Black
Forrest Greene
Forrest Ranger
Foster Child
Foster Grant
Foster Parent
Frank Lee
Frank N. Beans
Frank N. Sentz
Frank N. Stein
G. Whiz
Gail Force
Gale Warning
Gene E. Alogy
Gil T. Verdict
Ginger Pye
Ginger Root
Grady Ent
Graham Cracker
Grant Money
Gwen Dolan
Harry Arm
Harry Legg
Hazel Nutt
Heather Fields
Heinz Mustard
Helen Back
Herb Gardner
Holly Bush
Homer Ball
Homer Runn
Hope Lesley

Hugh Mann
Hugo Knotts
Hy Gere
Hy Lighter
Hy Priest
Hy Tenor
Hy Way
Hy Yawl
I. Glass
I. D. Claire
I. M. Dunn
I. P. Dailey
I. Piehler
I. Rate
I. VanHoe
Ima Crabbe
Ima Nutt
Iris Flowers
Ivy Greene
Ivy League

Jack B. Quick
Jack O. Clubs
Jack O. Diamonds
Jack O. Hearts
Jack O. Spades
Jack Stanz
Jacob Ladder
Jaques Strapp
Janet Oriel
Jay Byrd
Jay Walker
Jean Poole

Jefferson Nichols
Jen Teel
Jerry Mandering
Jim Nasium
Joe King
Jonah Whale
John Quill
Jordan Rivers
Joy Stick
June Flowers
Justin Case
Justin Thyme
Kal Orrick
Kat A. Tonic
Kay Mart
Kaye Passa
Kelly Greene
Ken L. Worth
Ken Moore
Ken Oli
Krystal Ball
Lance Boyles
Lane Shift
Larson, E.
Leif Raiker
Leigh Way
Leo Nardo
Les Lee
Les Moore
Les Pugh
Lewis N. Clarke
Lilly Ponds
Lily White
Lisa Ford
Lo Phat
Luke Warm
Lynne Guini

M. T. Head
Mac Arena
Mac Donald
Mac Truck
Mac A. Roney
Mae Flowers
Mae B. Knott
Mae O. Naise
Manny Cotti
Manny Fest
Margie Rhinn
Marion Kind
Marion Mann
Mark Downs
Mark King
Mark Upps
Marshall Dillon
Marshall Laws
Mary Christmas

Mary Gold
Mason Dixon
Matt Adore
Max E. Padd
Max Payne
Meg A. Hertz
Mel A. Tonin
Mel Bourne
Melody Singer
Merrie Chris Smith
Michael Angelo
Millie Meter
Minnie Padd
Minnie Price
Minnie Vann
Misty Raines
Moe Hawk
Monty Carlo
Morris Code
Muriel Painter
N. Cline
N. Gioia
Neil Down
Noah Lugeons

Olive Garden
Olive Greene
Olive Pitt
Opal Jewell
Otto Mann
Owen Money

P. Greene
Paige Turner
Patty Cake
Patty O. Block
Pearl E. Gates
Pearl Jewell
Peg Board
Peg Legg
Penny Loafer
Penny Nichols
Penny Pincher
Pete Moss
Peter Built
Petunia Flowers
Phil DeGrave
Phil Dirt
Phil Meehan
Phil M. Upp
Phil O. Dendron
Phil R. Upp
Polly Ethel Leen

R.U. Reddy
Ray Bann
Ray Singh
Redd Barnes
Redd Coates
Redd Cross
Redd Peltz
Rhoda Dendron
Rich Hurd
Rich Mann
Rick O'Shea
Rick Otta
Rick Shaw
Rob Banks
Robin Banks
Robin Hood
Robyn Byrd
Rock N. Rolle

Rocky Shore
Rod Knox
Rod N. Riehl
Roger Dodger
Roger N. Out
Roger Wilco
Rose Bush
Rose Flowers
Rose Gardner
Rose Hipps
Rose Petal
Rose Thorne
Rosie Cheeks
Ruby Jewell
Rush R. Traffic
Rusty Browne
Rusty Carr
Rusty Lockes
Rusty Steele
Sal Manella
Sal A. Mander
Sally Rhee
Sandy Beech
Sandy Shoales
Sandy Shore
Sara Toga
Sarah Tonin
Scott Free
Sela Diehl
Sela Miehl
Seymour Butts
Shelly Beech
Sherman Tank
Shirley Eugest
Skip Towne

Sky Blue
Slim Pickins
Sonny Dey
Spyder Webb
Stanley Cupp
Sterling Silver
Stormy Weather
Steve Adore
Stu Dent
Sue Dough
Sue Mack
Sue Nami
Sue R. Nabors
Sum Ting Wong
Summer Dey
Sunny Dayz

Ted E. Baer
Terri Cloth
Thad Pole
Tiffany Lamp
Tim Burr
Tiny Wyde
Tom A. Hawk
Tommy Gunn
Tor Talini
Tori Adore
T.V. Showe
Ty Knotts
Ty D. Bowles
U. Hall
U. Waite

Val N. Tyne
Violet Flowers
Violet Gardner
Virginia Hamm

Warren Peace
Warren Teed
Whitey Snow
Wes Turley
Will Call
Will Godwin
Will Power
Willie Needham
Wilton Flowers
Winston Cupp
Woody Nichols
Woody Plante
Wynn Doe
Y. Knott
Y. Waite
Yu Wang
Yu Wong

Admiral Major
Colonel Korn
General Task
Major Payne
Major Stepp
Pvt. Publik
Sgt. Major
Sgt. Rank

Agent Orange
Kaiser Rolle
Judge Mental

Dr. Scarr, Plastic Sugreon
Dr. Susan A. Hole (A real doctor in Edgewater, Florida)
Dr. Stopp (A real surgeon who did vasectomies in Rochester, NY)
Dr. Younger, Plastic Sugreon

Sir Ammic
Sir Cumference (a knight of the round table)   (Poor Sir Cumference. He got to big to sit at the round table because he ate too much Pi!)
Sir Prize

Attorneys and Law Firms


Pearl White
Dr. Aiken
Dr. Molar

Miss D. Meanor
Miss Elaine Eos
Miss L. Toe
Miss Leading
Miss N. Person
Miss Stake
Mr. Rhee
Rev. Chappell
Rev. Church
Rev. Sunday

The names of some people are perfect for their job...


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