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Indian Head Cents: 1859-1909

Type 1 Reverse:
Laurel Wreath

Indian Head Cent Obverse
(All years)

Type 2 Reverse:
Oak Wreath and Shield

In 1859 the one cent coin was changed again. At first glance, the obverse portrait on the so-called Indian Head cent appears to be an American Indian which, of course, is how this coin got its name. Closer examination, however, reveals this is most probably a young caucasian woman wearing a Native American headdress.

The Indian Head cent had a Laurel wreath on the reverse for only its first year. The design was changed in 1860 to an Oak wreath and shield, and the design continued to the end of the series in 1909.

  • Designer: James B. Longacre
  • Diameter: 19 mm (0.75 inch); plain edge
  • Mint: Philadelphia (entire series), San Francisco (1908 & 1909 only)
  • Mint Marks:
          1859-1907 - Only minted in Philadelphia: no mint mark
          1908-1909 - Philadelphia: no mint mark; San Francisco: 'S' on reverse, at bottom

The following table summarizes the major (intentional) varities of the Indian Head cent in its design, composition, and weight. The Variety numbers are arbitrarily assigned my me and do not reflect any official numbering scheme. Note that there are numerous "unintentional" varieites (such as doubled dies, etc.) which do not fall into the context of this site.

Reverse Design
1859 to 1860
Laurel Wreath
88% copper, 12% nickel
4.67 grams
1860 to 1864
Laurel Wreath with Shield
88% copper, 12% nickel
4.67 grams
1864 to 1909
Oak Wreath with Shield
95% copper, 5% tin and zinc (Bronze)
3.11 grams

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