Spray Bottles

I want to use hand-pump garden sprayers for both D/2 Biological Solution, and water for rinsing the headstones.  In searching available products online, it soon became apparent that sprayers, in general, have a large percentage of defects 'out of the box,' and for those that do work out of the box, the failure rate after one or two uses is astounding.  Therefore, I started looking at all sprayers regardless of price and this what I found.

I couldn't find any half-gallon sprayers with a 5-star rating, so I decided to go with a trigger-squeeze spray bottle because the small sprayer is to be used with the D/2 Biological Solution.  That product doesn't need to be sprayed nearly as much as the water, so hand fatigue is much less of an issue.

I found the wide-bottom 32-ounce (1 quart) spray bottle used by Trae Zipperer in his videos at Ace Hardware.  The purpose of the wide bottom is, of course, stability when placing it on ground between uses.

This spray bottle is highly rated (5 out of 5 stars, but with only three reviews.  Hopefully that rating won't change much as more people buy the bottle and give their reviews.).  The price was $5.99 in September, 2022.


I want to have a 2-gallon sprayer for water because the expectation is up to two gallons of water will be needed when cleaning a veteran's headstone, and that's a lot of water to pump through a hand sprayer.  It is likely a 2-gal sprayer will not need to be refilled while cleaning one headstone. 

I found this HBC-brand sprayer at Home Depot for $25.98 (September, 2020).  This sprayer is highly rated (5 out of 5 stars; 10 reviews), and the only one under $50 with that good of a review.

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