Headstone Cleaners

"Headstone Cleaners" may be a bit of a misnomer. in that we don't use soap, or detergents, or bleach, or other products commonly considered 'cleaners.'  Typically, military headstones are made of granite, marble, or limestone, and those stones respond well to scrubbing with just plain water to remove dirt.  However, because they are in an outdoor environment, they get biological contamination which causes a build-up of biologic material, and/or causes them to stain (green/brown/black).  Because the headstones are made of stone, they can suffer permanent damage from most commercial cleaning products, so their use is forbidden.

Instead, for removal of biological contaminates and stains, a specially-developed solution is needed to attack the biologic materials without damaging the stone, and two such solutions are identified below.


D/2 Biological Solution products have limited availability from retail outlets, so for most people the most convenient way to buy them will be from an on-line retailer.  One of those sources is mentioned in the image above, and the prices were valid as of September, 2022.


Wet&Forget products are available at most Lowe's stores.  Click on that link for current pricing.

The reason for the name, 'Wet&Forget' is because the manufacturer advertises you can spray this solution on the headstone, thoroughly covering all exposed stone, and walk away.  The solution will kill the biological contaminants and prevent re-growth.  Subsequent rains will rinse the dead material and stains away.  I have no experience with it, but several different people (in YouTube videos) say it works as advertised.  I suppose I'll eventually find out for myself.

It is documented on a YouTube video that sometimes Orvus Horse Shampoo can be useful for cleaning headstones if the contamination is not biological.
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