Travel & Entertainment Expenses

Local (Commuting) Mileage

This chart is explained in IRS Pub 4012 pg F-12.

Travel Expenses Away From Home
Refer to IRS Pub 4012 page F-9.

Business Entertainment Expenses
Refer to IRS Pub 4012 page F-10.

Standard Mileage Rates
The standard mileage rate allowed for vehicle operating cost varies by the purpose of its use. For 2017, the following rates are in effect.

Business travel
(Refer to the chart (above) for applicability)
58 cents per mile (TY2019)
53.5 cents per mile (TY2018)
Medical and moving mileage 17 cents per mile
Volunteer work for Qualified Charitable Organization 14 cents per mile

Mileage Allowance from IRS Pub 4012 pg NEW-2.