Printing Comparisons

When Chromebooks were implemented (TY2019), our district had two different printer models: HP P1102w and HP M102w.

HP P1102w


HP M102w

Testing revealed Chromebooks do not play well with the P1102w printers, with extremely long print times and frequent incomplete jobs. The testing results are shown in the following chart.

  • IRS laptops print fine on the HP P1102w printers (green column), and more slowly on M102w printers.

  • Chromebooks print successfully (albeit slowly) on M102w printers (coral-color column). Their performance on P1102w printers is incredibly slow, and will frequently fail before the print set is complete.

  • Sadly, even when the best choices are made, the Chromebook/M102w pairing takes about 5X the time to print a job as does the laptop/P1102w pairing.