HP M102w Printer Control Panel

We started receiving these printers for the TY2018 tax season (put into service 2/1/2019). Here is an image of the control panel and the printer, followed by a description of the numbered items.

1) This is the wireless communication indicator (blue in color). (It is also a press-able button.)

  • If the light is on steady, the printer is connected to the local wireless network and you can print from it.
  • If the light is blinking, the printer is establishing the wireless connection to the router.
  • If the light is off, the printer is NOT connected to the local wireless network. To initiate the connection, press and release the button (indicated by (1) in the image). The blue light should start blinking and shortly switch on solid.

2) The Attention light (orange in color) blinks when the printer is in an error state. There are many possible causes, but the most probable are:

  • The printer is out of paper.
  • There is a paper jam.
  • The toner supply is low.
  • The top cover is not fully closed.

     Checking (and correcting) those problems will normally resolve an Attention light problem. If it persists, call your TC.

3) This is the Ready light (green in color). Having it on is a good thing.

  • On steady means the printer is waiting for a print job.
  • Blinking means the printer is processing a print job (receiving and printing).

4) This is the Resume/Cancel button. Press this button for the following actions:

  • If the printer is currently processing a job (with Ready LED blinking and Attention LED off), press the button to cancel the print job.
  • If the printer is in a error or prompt state (with Ready LED off and Attention LED blinking), press the button to clear the error and resume printing.
  • In manual duplex mode, press this button to print the second side of the page.

If you have a problem which is not solved using the information on this page, call your TC.