Primary Client Email Error

When completing the tax return and clicking on the Save button on the E-file page, sometimes TaxSlayer returns this error message at the top of the page.

The error is caused by the program automatically populating the Primary Client Email field with the tax preparer's TaxSlayer login user name.

There has been speculation that Google Chrome Auto-fill was the cause of this problem, but checking the browers of several counselors revealed some had auto-fill enabled, while others had it disabled, and the presence of the counselor's login name in the Primary Client E-mail field did not seem to correlate to the Chrome setting.


The simplest and most effective work-around is to delete the entry and replace it with VOID@VOID.COM. The system is happy with the format, it is obviously not a real email, and the time it takes to type those 13 characters is negligible. And no matter how often you might return to the page and Save it, you are never bothered again with the warning message.