Printer Notes

In what may be my most ambitious project yet, the goal of this website is to bring together notes about the printers of many brands and models that we use in our TaxAide endeavors. Among the most sought-after information seems to be firmware upgrade instructions, but notes of other topics can be posted as that information becomes known.

The reason this could be my 'most ambitious' project is in my district we have just two printer models, and there are many other makes/models in use at TaxAide sites, so of necessity I'll be depending on others to provide the vast majority of information posted here. I am starting to pull good notes from T-VOG, but I need more!

YOU ARE INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE INFORMATION YOU FEEL COULD BENEFIT OTHERS. Why should everyone have to go through the same angst you experienced lerning the quirks and oddities of your printers?

Send your contributions to


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