Redesigned Form 1040 Entry Hints

Beginning in TY2018, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ were discontinued, and replaced with a redesigned Form 1040, which now has six new numbered schedules in addition to the existing schedules such as Schedule A.

The following information is sourced from the instructions for IRS Form 1040, page 3.

FLOWS TO 1040...
Have additional income, such as capital gains, unemployment compensation, prize or award money, or gambling winnings.

Have any deductions to claim, such as student loan interest deduction, self-employment tax, or educator expenses.

Schedule 1
Line 6
Owe AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) or need to make an excess advance premium tax credit repayment.
Schedule 2
Line 11
Can claim a nonrefundable credit other than the child tax creditor the credit for other dependents, such as the foreign tax, education credits, or general business credit.
Schedule 3
Line 12
Owe other taxes, such as self-employment tax, household employment taxes, additional tax on IRAs or other qualifed retirement plans and tax-favored accounts.
Schedule 4
Line 14
Can claim a refundable credit other than the earned income credit, American opportunity credit, or additional child tax credit, such as the net premium tax credit or health coverage tax credit.

Have other payments, such as an amount paid with a request for an extension to file or excess social security tax withheld.

Schedule 5
Line 17
Have a foreign address or a third party designee other than a paid preparer.
Schedule 6
Page 1

Updated Dec 20, 2019