Tax Filing Requirements - TY2019

You must file a tax return if your Gross Income exceeds the amounts shown for your filing status and age in the table below.

For more information, see Pub 4012 pg A1.

Filing A Return with $0 Income

To assist in identifying and preventing tax identity theft, Tax-Aide recommends that all taxpayers e-file even if not required.

Because $0 AGI returns cannot be e-filed, enter $1 as Other Income on Schedule 1, Line 21, Other Income, with the notation, "IN ORDER TO E-FILE."

Confirming Taxpayer and Family Identity

  • Photo ID and SS card for taxpayer (and spouse)
  • SS Card for each dependent
  • Alternate Can use SS statement in place of SS Card.

    The above means of identification are the primary ones we should see during the season. If a client offers an alternative ID, please consult with your Local Coordinator to verify acceptability.

    W-2 Verification Code

    Some taxpayers will have a 16-digit alpha/ numeric code in box 9 of their W-2. The format will be four 4-digit fields separated by dashes, such as 0123-4567-89AB-CDEF.

    The purpose of this code is to continue a test started several years ago to combat tax-related identity theft and tax return fraud.

    • If there is a 16-digit alpha/numeric code in Box 9, enter it in the taxpayer's return. Be sure to also enter the dashes as shown on the W-2.
    • If there is no code in Box 9, continue with the rest of the W-2 data entry.