St. Johns County Property Appraiser

If the taxpayer wants to itemize deductions but does not have his/her property tax information, it is readily available at the Property Appraiser's website for the county where the property is located. Click on the image above for the Flagler County Property Appraiser's website.

Additional Property Tax Exemption for Senior Citizen with Low Income

Senior citizens (age 65 and older) with a low income (AGI < $32,561 in 2021) can apply for, and receive an extra $50,000 property tax exemption. This exemption is in addition to the Homestead exemption, resulting in a total exemption of $100,000.

NOTE: This extra exemption is only for City and County Property Taxes. It Does NOT apply to School or other taxes.

To see the most current document for Homestead and Other Exemptions, go to the St. Johns County Property Appraiser's website (link at top of page) and click on Apply for an Exemption.