Random Browser or Chromebook Behavior

Occasionally the Chromebook will exhibit unexpected behavior, or it does not respond as it always has in the past. There are two things you can do to correct that unexpected behavior.

The first solution is to Restart the Chrome Browser

In the URL field for any open tab, type this URL: chrome://restart, then press the Enter key. The browser will close, pause for about 10 seconds, then restart and come to its default display.

You may find it convenient to make a bookmark for the 'chrome://restart' solution. Here are the steps to do that.

  1. With the chrome browser open, click on the '+' icon to the right of the open tabs. That will open a new, blank tab.

  2. At the right end of the (blank) URL field is a white star with a gray outline. Click on that star. That will bring up the 'Bookmark added' dialog box.

  3. In that dialog box, in the Name field, type chrome://restart.

  4. Leave the folder field at the default of Bookmarks bar.

  5. Click on More. That brings up the Edit bookmark window.

  6. The Name field should show chrome://restart. Change the URL field to also show chrome://restart.

  7. Click on Save.

  8. The bookmarks bar can get filled with bookmarks and new ones are automatically placed the end of the list, and often out of view. Optionally, you might want to move this bookmark to the head of the list. The easiest way to do that is to left-click and hold on the physical bookmark, then drag it to the left end of the bookmarks bar.

The second solution is to Shutdown, Pause, and Restart the Chromebook.

  1. Click in the Status area (the digital clock).

  2. At the top of the Status Area window, click on the Power icon (a broken circle with a vertical line through the break).

  3. After the screen goes dark, wait about 10 seconds, then press the Power key (a broken circle with a vertical line through the break) on the keyboard.

  4. As the Chromebook boots up, enter your password when promted.