Printing Problems

Problem #1: "The Spinner"

Problem #2: Print File Does Not Appear

Problem #1: "The Spinner"

There are two "spinners" which you may see from time to time.

The first spinner is associated with web pages that are slow to load, or don't load at all. In these cases, the spinner is on the browser tab of the site that is slow to load. There is no corrective action, per se: You have to wait for the site to respond.

The second spinner is associated with printing, and it occurs when a print job is sent to a printer the CB cannot find on the network.

Several techniques have been suggested to resolve this problem, but the most effective one seems to be to remove the printer that can't be found on he network currently in use.

  • If an HP printer, open the app, HP Print for Chrome, and remove the printer.
  • If other than an HP Printer, go to Settings > Advanced > Printing > Printers, and remove the printer.

With the browser displayed, press ctrl + P to display the print dialog box. You may see the spinner for a short time, but it will go away showing 'Save as PDF' for the Destination.

At this point you can select a printer which is available on the network and print to it.

Problem #2: Print File Does Not Appear

When a print file is requested, it is expected to appear in a new window as a .pdf file, and you will print it from that window. It is possible the new window will open, but the file will not appear and eventually you will see the message, "Print operation timed out."

What causes this can be an incorrect browser setting.


  • Click on the Status area (the digital clock), then select Settings (the gear icon) > Apps > Manage your Apps > Chrome > More settings and Permissions.

  • In the new window scroll down to, and select PDF documents.

  • When the window refreshes, there is just one selection and it is for Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome. Slide the switch to the Off position.

  • Go back to TaxSlayer and request the print document again.

IMPORTANT! Go to your Google drive and delete any tax returns that ended up there because .pdf files were downloaded instead of displayed.

Page updated Feb 19, 2020